Super Bowl logos are ugly-funny

For those of you who doubt that the NFL inspires the most consistently tacky designs of all the major sports, consider the 42 Super Bowl logos. I’d like to point out that each one is more garish than the last, but I can’t because that’s not true. They are consistently hideous over the decades. 1995 is my “favorite”.

(Via King Kaufman.)

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2 Responses to Super Bowl logos are ugly-funny

  1. andy welker says:

    I’m impressed at the restraint of the 1976 logo. Only the tiniest nod to red, white and blue on our bicentennial Super Bowl logo.

    The XXXIX logo makers made a gallant stab at honoring the city of Jacksonville with that bridge-inspired icon. Though bridges can be symbolic of this-and-that, I imagine that logo caused a few groans in Jacksonville. (“Our most prominent landmark is a bridge? Who will build OUR Space Needle?”)

  2. Doug says:

    They deserve credit for trying to localize the logo to the city the big game was being played in, but the end result is still as ugly as you please.

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