The Nanny Diaries-day 2, week 3

[posted by Grandmama]

Good Morning again from the Nanny Diaries!!

I know I haven’t written in a while but in my
defense life has been a little bit hectic around

John did indeed pick me up in Spokane June 14 and
we had a pleasant Thursday evening and Friday
UNTIL…. about 4:00pm. SB called frantic cause
JackPaul was sick and had to go to the hospital…the
docs were worried about either meningitis or
leukemia…It was quite scary but after we got there
late Friday things were better. The spinal tap came
back negative as did all the cultures…turns out he
had a nasty virus called Fifths disease. SO……here
I am again ready to resume my rightful role as the

This is day 2 of week 3 and the final week. John
has been doing a great job of nannying the days I’ve
been gone….he is much like a drill sergeant..getting
those kids up and feeding them before they’re even
awake or aware there is food in front of them. He
seems to forget though that Doug isn’t one of “the
kids” any more so that poor guy has to get up too! Oh
how we’ve missed the “grumpy Dougie” mornings of
by-gone days….it does a mother’s heart good to see
some things never change!

Yesterday we took Wilson to Costco to buy a few
things..always an adventure. He had his little push
cart of all the zoo animals in the world with him and
pushed it everywhere…it was cute but then he saw the
snack bar….oh my. He had to get his cart in line
with the big carts and knew exactly what to do when
the server called “next member please.” He went right
up to the register and we ordered a churro….cause
the pizza wouldn’t be ready for another 5
minutes…like a 2 year old can wait 5 mintues for
anything…ha!!! After that messy adventure we found
Grandpa out by the van waiting cause we failed to
mention the churro stop…If you know anything about
the “oompa” you know patience is NOT one of his
virtues. :-)

Last night was cookout night at the Manis’….we
just love cookout night…there are always hot dogs and
burgers and chips..whooppee!!! And this time, though
Max was very patient, the hot dogs did NOT roll off
the grill into his greedy little chops..

It seems like the last 2 weeks have not been
nearly as traumatic as week 1…but then there have
been 2 of us to do the nannying and we find double
teaming to be very effective…if we can manage to
keep one of us awake at all times…

Today is Abby’s BBQ at school and families are
invited so while Oompa and Wilson nap I will go and
help her celebrate. And…I want to see the wonderful
Ms. Nelson again. John has been walking Abby to school
and I’ve missed that experience. Do you think Ms.
Nelson will remember me?

later taters!!


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