The Nanny Diaries–Day 2

[Posted by Grandmama]

Good Morning Sunshines!

Well, today is my second day as the nanny and already things are going much better than yesterday.

I was not late getting Abby to school, I did not accidentally make decaf coffee, Wilson has managed to keep all his elephant family together, I have not yet lost Max, or had to search all over the park while Wilson cries “zoo,zoo,zoo” and Abby sobs cause she thinks someone stole Max, or had to thank the elderly gentleman in the orange hat for bringing Max home, repack for the zoo and head out again. Nor have I yet made a wrong turn only to end up down by Safeco Field. I didn’t know Wilson is terrified of tunnels!

Today I only have to manage to get Abby to school with the 2 bags of pretzels for snack…well–I do have to still bring the second bag I forgot. And Safeway is on the agenda so I can find an ATM and fix the mexican roast for Doug. So…if I can manage not to lose the dog, Wilson, or my mind we will be just fine!!

Michelle has been highly amused at my struggles….she actually laughed and said “welcome to
my world!” Ha ha ha. In her defense, she SAID she didn’t mean to laugh but I still don’t believe her ’cause she just keeps on smiling!! :-)


ps…And I honestly thought I’d be able to help around
the house. Abby told me yesterday when I lost Max
that God made it happen ’cause he’s in charge and I
must have needed to learn something. I had no adequate response.

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  1. The mama says:

    In my defense, I wasn’t exactly laughing at Grandmama. It was more like giddy pleasure that it wasn’t me trying to assure Wilson that we would get to the zoo, soothe Abby’s fears that a stranger had stolen her dog, and all the while find the lost dog. I had 18 days like that! In a row! With nobody relieving me mid-afternoon! I kind of cracked up on day 18 and haven’t quite recovered yet. I can’t be held responsible for my actions (or my laughter!).

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