“Heroes” episodes online

Bryan is working as writer and co-executive producer for “Heroes”, a series on NBC which you might have heard of. The entire season is available for free online at http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/video/episodes.shtml.

This is how every network should offer every program: free, online, and on-demand. The network inserts non-obtrusive ads that are short enough that it’s not worth a viewer’s effort to avoid them. And fans can catch up on the series at their leisure. Otherwise, a lot of potential viewers would fall hopelessly behind and never watch again. And by “a lot of viewers” I mean me.

So good work Bryan and good work NBC for creating an entertaining TV show and making it easy for me to watch.

[Update 2008-02-08]
Avoid NBC’s lame-o ‘NBC Direct’ player and proceed directly to the streaming page: .

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20 Responses to “Heroes” episodes online

  1. sara says:

    hey but not everyone can watch the videos online… im from puerto rico and ive been going crazy trying to find this past week episode video but it says that i cant watch it…

  2. jay says:

    i want to see this episode so bad

  3. CHLOE says:

    yeh i agree.

    im from australia.. and we cant watch the nbc free episodes online. ive been going mad trying to ind somehting where i can watch heroes but we can only watch it if we’re american.

    does anyoen know of somehting where i can watch it from in australia??

  4. Doug says:

    Is “Heroes” on the air in Australia at all? If so, you could always try to tape it I guess.

  5. juan carlos says:

    i cant see any free episode please somebody can teachme how can i see this good program on line

  6. Flame says:

    go to this site to watch heroes online


    u can see the episode left-down

  7. MOE says:

    fanpop dont work at all for me

  8. alex says:

    yea i am also from australia and i am going f**king crazy trying 2 watch heroes free online. but if u r not american u cant watch nbc. it is bullhonkey mate.

  9. kiwichick says:

    hiya aussie neighbours, try this site for free heroes online but shshshhh don’t let the americans know lol 😉 some of the episodes stop start which drives you nuts but desperate fans will cope!


  10. kiwichick says:

    another freebie heroes site for my aussies mates :-)

  11. shane says:

    try http://www.alluc.de it wrks from the uk it should wrk 4 u guys.

  12. red says:

    you can try searching in http://www.youku.com
    it’s just like youtube but its on chinese language.
    just use you common sense you will be able to watch the new episodes of heroes! it contains all the US TV series! even movies!

  13. sghxui says:

    fUckin lame advertisers }:
    none of the links leads to heroes episodes


  14. Sarah says:

    Actually, all but one lead to sites that have the episodes up. I’m in Canada….have the same NBC website issues.

  15. Thompsound says:

    The Chinese one works a bit for me but only loaded to about half way and loaded very slowly… Couldn’t find the episode on the others… Can anyone provide a definitive working link for someone from the UK please?

  16. Aria says:

    We’re in Scotland and even the BBC iPlayer doesn’t show back episodes of Heroes. Every other programme known to man (within the past 7 days) EXCEPT Heroes. Bloody annoying. None of the links given on this forum take you to the back episodes either. Loved the 1st series but have now missed too many of the 2nd to catch up. >;0(

  17. Aria says:

    I come bearing gifts my antipodean chums.
    This website definitely works as I’ve just watched the first 3 episodes again. No screen feeze or streaming problems. Cool as mint.


  18. Andrey says:

    Thank you aria your link really save me. im from indonesia by the way.

  19. ktel says:

    when I clicked the watch sitcoms link the player came up and once play was pressed it brought me to some stupid party poker. grr!

  20. reuben says:

    Watch the tv series heroes online at: Watch Heroes Online

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