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The quest for ‘Sad Wings of Destiny’

When I was in high school Judas Priest was at the peak of their musical and commercial power and between my friends and I we had copies of almost all of their albums. But there was a legendary long out-of-print … Continue reading

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Abby’s bus

Last night when Doug got home, Abby was chattering away about her karate class and showing him the moves that she needs to master. She told him that in karate, it is really important to concentrate, and only think of … Continue reading

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The reasoning of a 2-year-old

Me: Wilson, why are you still jumping on the sofa after I told you to stop? Wilson: Because YES! A little later… Me: Wilson, why aren’t you eating your fruit? Wilson: Because NO!

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Abby’s Coping Advice

Yesterday, after a particularly difficult day at work, I was snuggled up on the sofa with Abby and Wilson looking over Abby’s school work. Apparently Wilson thought he wasn’t getting enough attention because he started head-butting me. After a very … Continue reading

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House Education (2/1 1:30 PM)

House Education (2/1 1:30 PM): “Public: HB 3103, HB 2772, HB 2461, HB 2722, HB 2832, HB 2709, HB 2988, HB 3129; Work Session: Report on Statewide End-of-Course Assessments, Education First Consulting.” (Via TVW, Legislative Podcasts.)

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