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WiFi and autism: a quick debunking

WiFi and autism: a quick debunking. ” . . . a closer examination of the press release should raise enough red flags that the announcement should be viewed with extreme skepticism.”

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Autism Task Force podcasts

Autism Task Force (11/19 9:30 AM): “Morning Session: Presentation on Autism, Autism Guidebook, Status of Report, South Carolina Summit, NATTAP Presentation,” Autism Task Force (11/19 12:30 PM): “Afternoon Session: NATTAP Presentation, Champions for Inclusive Communities Newsletter, Jan / Feb Meedings, … Continue reading

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Zip’s Drive-In abuses apostrophes

Zip’s Drive-In’s apostrophe abuse, which I pointed out to Michelle last summer, has been documented. You won’t get away with this, Zip’s!

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Simple majority up by more than 7,000 votes…

. . . and Tim Eyeman is claiming that the low margin means that The People have spoken for lower property taxes. I guess we’ll see. (Via Richard Roesler at Eye on Olympia.)

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