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Sunday Morning in Shoreline

David Guthrie talks about what the Shoreline teacher’s strike accomplished.    

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Parents question elementary changes

Sarah Koenig piece on the Shoreline Enterprise: Parents question elementary changes.

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Teachers protest overloaded classrooms

Sarah Koenig of the Shoreline Enterprise has a good overview of the Shoreline schools walkout: Teachers protest overloaded classrooms. Her piece explains the issue clearly and fairly. It’s the most complete story I’ve seen so far.

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Support teachers and staff this Thursday

Shoreline School Blog suggests ways to support teachers and staff this Thursday. They are also documenting their correspondence with the administration. Sign up for their mailing list. Subscribe to their news feed.

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One School Board Member Responds

Jim Leigh responds to my concerns, or does he? Dear Ms. Manis, Thank you for sharing your concerns. We’ll do our best for those students who can’t easily adjust. My four children graduated from Shoreline School District and three of … Continue reading

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The Superintendent’s bad math?

David Guthrie corrects the Superintendent’s arithmetic. He responds to the claim that none of the district’s classes will be in overload because they’ve hired 7 (or 9? depends on who at the district you’re asking) new teachers (or certified staff? … Continue reading

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An Email Campaign

Shoreline Superintendent: Sue Walker: School Board Members: Jim Leigh: Dan Mann: David Wilson: Debi Ehrlichman: Mike Jacobs:

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The Shoreline School District is Disrespecting Our Children

Abby came home from school last Friday and told me that her class (which started at 25 kids) got 3 new students that day. I asked where they had come from and she said they had moved from other classes. … Continue reading

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Free “MP3 album” from Deerhoof

Deerhoof, one of the most consistently original rock bands of the young millineum, is offering an LP’s worth of free downloads on their website. If you have’t experienced Deerhoof yet, take advantage of the opportunity. Deerhoof fans will surely have … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

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