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Jessi returns!

With all well-earned thanks to Grandmama and Laurel, the Manisfam celebrates The Return Of Jessi!

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“You’re a Slytherin, Michael Ventre. A Slytherin.”

Fire Joe Morgan, one of my favorite baseball sites, takes apart MSNBC hack Michael Ventre’s comparison of the 2007 Boston Red Sox, the American League’s best team so far this year, to Phil Mickelson, professional golfer. Please read.

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Paris 1919

Buy this book! A cleany-written survey of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles that non-historians can enjoy. This book is not a study of the treaty itself. Instead, Margaret Macmillan covers the peace conference in Paris by focusing on the interaction … Continue reading

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Wilson’s damned elephants

As mentioned in a previous post, Wilson carries his damned family of plastic (or maybe resin–they’re really heavy!) elephants with him everywhere he goes. The bath tub, the crib, the zoo where he proudly presents them to the real elephants, … Continue reading

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Abby receives the Panther Pride award

Proud Miss Abby received a Panther Pride award from her grade school for, among other things, “Tackling every learning experience with enthusiasm. For being dependable, honest, talking, laughing, learning to work out things with words. Lego queen. That’s our Abby!” … Continue reading

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