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Won’t someone think of the pizza?

What kind of man assaults his fellow man with a perfectly good slice of pepperoni pizza? A New England Patriots fan, that’s what kind. Is this what happens when you let a football fan go to a baseball game? Review … Continue reading

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Wilson Says “Please”

Today the kids and I were having what has recently become a typical evening for the Manisfam. We had waited until Wilson woke from his nap, then we tried to fit a day’s worth of errands into the few hours … Continue reading

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Manisfam comments: better late than never

We’ve had some typically disturbing comment spam on our site, so we’ve started filtering the comments. The filter catches what it thinks is spam and won’t post the comment until I approve it. Sometimes the filter catches a good comment … Continue reading

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An All-Star lineup of mug shots

The Smoking Gun salutes our national pastime by assembling a baseball starting lineup of “inmates and parolees who share names with the superstars of our national pastime”: 1. Rickey Henderson, LF 2. Joe Morgan, 2B 3. Willie Mays, CF 4. … Continue reading

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Google announces free in-home wireless service

“Dark porcelain” project offers self-installed plumbing-based Internet access. Sounds plausible!

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