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If I were a dog…

We were dog-sitting our friend Sean’s dog this last weekend. His dog is a large dachsund named Frank. Wilson was terrified of Frank the whole first day. If Frank even looked at him, Wilson would run shrieking in the other … Continue reading

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Michelle delivers a right hook

Abby and I had taken Wilson to the doctor earlier this week for his 18 month well-child checkup. He got a clean bill of health, though it was commented that he was a bit skinny. The medical assistant told us … Continue reading

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Wilson’s first sentence

Wilson has been loving one of Abby’s old books called “Ollie the Stomper”, by Oivier Dunrea. In it, a young gosling named Ollie is envious of his 2 older sisters who wear boots. After following them around for some time, … Continue reading

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